Standard medals

Choose from our wide array of standard medals at affordable prices. We embed the company logo and text in color. The following sizes of medals are available:

For more models of standard medals, please take a look at our catalogue.

Medals 32мм, 40мм, 45мм


Model M32


Model M40 - minibriz
Model M40 - N


Model M40 - minisaturn
Model M45 - eks


Model M45 - miniclass
Model M45 - rimini



Medals 50мм


Model M50 - bel
Model M50 - delta


Model M50 - football
Model M50 - NL


Model M50 - prize
Model M50 - saturn


Model M50 - sprint
Model M50 - kom


Model M50 - cup
Model M50 - N


Model M50 - tinny
Model M50 - mark


Model M50 - champ
Model M50 - shtit



Medals 70мм


Model M70 - haga
Model M70 - fish


Model M70 - tangra
Model M70 - scout


Model M70 - galaxy
Model M70 - dale



Medals 90мм


Model М90 - split