Dear clients and partners,

Bulpins and Apolo BG are Bulgarian enterprises with 30 years of tradition in the production of badges, medals, cups, plates, trophies and sport souvenirs. We are proud of our rich experience in the creation of unique luxury items. In addition to the already mentioned prizes and products, we offer a wide range of advertising materials, such as key holders, magnetic stickers, cup and mouse pads, and many others.

Our enterprises have vertically integrated all phases of the production cycle - from the design and planning to the manufacturing of the product. Some of our clients in Bulgaria are the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of the Interior, the Bulgarian Football Union, the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation, PFC Levski and Slavia, Raifeissenbank, Foundation America for Bulgaria, Avon, AstraZeneca, Shell and SAP Labs. We also export successfully to Italy, Russia, Germany, Monacco, the Czeck Republic, Latvia, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US. Take a look at some of the publications in the media about our unique products.


We truly can!



Velizar Tsokov